My qualifications

  • Manipulative therapy
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Chinese blood letting
  • Gua Sha
  • Fire chinese cupping
  • Ear pain relief acupuncture protocol
  • Detox - NADA protocol
  • Medical acupuncture (dry needling)
  • Dynamic manual therapy of the spine by Dorn method
  • Sport massage
  • Sports Electrotherapy
  • Sport and Fitness Therapy
  • Spinal mobilisation
  • Infrared and Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Swedish Body Massage and Aromatherapy
  • Diploma in Health, Safety, Security and Employment Standards
  • First Aid
  • Introduction to Reflexology
  • Hot Stone
  • Hopi Ear Candles
  • Crystal Therapy (Chakra Balancing)
  • Safe Application of Heat and Bath Therapies




Brief description

• I do not contact clients via telephone calls
• My salon is in Rochdale OL12 7EB
• Prices of the visit £30 - £25
• I am a massage therapist not a miracle maker

My name is Dariusz I am a Manipulative therapist and Sports massage therapist in Rochdale. I do not contact clients by phone therefore with the time saved I use to perform my treatments.
Feel free to contact me via e-mail, my website or Facebook. I try to answer your request as soon as possible, if possible, on the same day.
I work in a household salon with a separate entrance in Rochdale OL12 7EB.
In my salon there is no waiting room or toilet. At the time of the treatment only one person is required to be in the salon, the client.

I specialise mainly in the removal of muscle tiredness and fatigue and painful points in muscles (trigger points). Therefore, my massages are the most effective for ovetrained, overworked people, athletes and irregularities resulting from bad posture.
I could describe my massages, as strong, deep, powerful and sometimes a bit painful. This is more of a massage focused on the muscles and joints, and not so much on the skin. Can you find this massage relaxing? Yes, however unless your hypersensitive. Obviously every technique and different pressures will have a different affect on everyone.

All treatments are proceed by a consultation to ensure the most appropriate treatment for you - this is free of charge and does not take time off your massage.

I am not a miracle maker, if you would think that if you arrived and something “clicks” and all your problem will go away, I am not the correct person to consult with. All I offer is a solid massage with trigger point therapy, muscles stretches, work for loosing joints tension and relaxing.

If your visit is to do with back pain I would recommend you to consult your GP prior going to me, consult a doctor or eventually perform a MRI scan. The massages play as only a supporting role in the treatment of back pain if it results from a herniated spine (intervertebral discs, disc prolapse), spinal canal stenosis, degenerative disease of the spine. 

Massages are not recommended in very acute stage usually related to ruptured disks or bulging disks because impact on realise pain is minimal and can cause aggravate pain

If you are interested in booking any of these treatments then I’d ask you to fill out the form, it’s a series of a few questions without any required log ins or sign ups. Contact form